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This article is about the Matoran who became a Toa Neţeru. You may be looking for the Matoran who became a Toa Sepţiu.


Toa Neţeru
Title Toa Neţeru of Health
Mask Purple Great Kanohi Mahiki, Mask of Illusion
Status Alive
Location Kemet Nui
Pronunciation AHN-poo

Matoran Anpu
Class Wha-Matoran
Occupation Corpsman
Mask Powerless Purple Great Kanohi Mahiki, Mask of Illusion

Ånpu was once a quiet and reserved Wha-Matoran Corpsman from Tai-Koro on the Isle of Kemet Nui.


Ånpu is very peace loving and has always been willing to proffer his skills to aid Matoran and Rahi alike.

The Coming of the Neţeru

One for the Road

The Treatise of Åuset and Åusår

Dark Earth

In The Empire of Whenua Alternate Universe, the Wha-Matoran Ånpu was sadly killed while attempting to defend an injured Av-Matoran Guardsman and others from a massive Serqet-Jaga. Shortly thereafter on Naming Day, a Ha-Matoran named Inpu was given the name "Ånpu", in the late Matoran's honor, for his part in helping to save the life of several Av-Matoran including Meti.

Abilities & Traits

Ånpu is now the quiet and reserved Toa Neţeru of Health. His advanced knowledge of this Elemental Power allows him to practically immediately heal nearly all manners of self-injuries while awake, be they minor, mild, moderate, or severe. He can also enter a state of hibernation in which he can overcome nearly any and all mortal wounds, making him virtually indestructible if given the proper setting and time to exercise this ability. Furthermore, he can use his skills to heal the wounds of others as well, and often feels that he is obligated to do so. In all his life Ånpu has never been known to say anything bad about anyone, not even Āpep.

Mask & Tools

As a result of having seen all sorts of injuries, which he has helped to treat in his lifetime, Ånpu chooses not to carry any Toa Tools and instead channels his power through his hands. He wears the Kanohi Mahiki, the Great Mask of Illusion, which grants him the ability to not only create external illusions, but also to actually shape-shift, provided the target shape is approximately the same size as he is. Although this capacity to shape-shift allows him to in essence make the illusion real, it does not provide mimicked powers of the illusion.