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Powers Internal Compass
Tools Living Whiplash, Glaive
Status Active
Location Terra Nui
Pronunciation ahr-jinn-TAHR-ohs

Argentaros is the brilliant, ambitious, and unquestioned leader of the Quntaino.


Argentaros desires the Kanohi Zlinj above all else and is willing to go to any length to acquire it.

The Strength UnboundEdit

In the year 5,440 A.G.C., the Ota-suva shrine was struck by lightning, causing the seven sections to expand and shatter, releasing the seven Quntaino.

The Balance RebornEdit

Since his birth from his Keystone egg, Argentaros has lead his six brothers in an attempt to locate and secure the Mask of Nature.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Argentaros possesses an internal compass that always points him in the general direction of the Mask of Nature. He also possesses mammalian characteristics such as thick fur, a fanged muzzle, long claws, and powerful muscles; however, his red crystalline eyes are a mystery, and a terror, to behold.


Argentaros carries a living whiplash and has a large glaive mounted on his left forearm.