Circle Logo Ballom Small


Powers Regeneration,
Solar Positioning
Tools Scimitar Swords, Bandoleer
Status Active
Location Terra Nui
Pronunciation digh-GOHL-vuh

Daigolva is the brawniest of the Quntaino.


The Strength UnboundEdit

In the year 5,440 A.G.C., the Ota-Suva shrine was struck by lightning, causing the seven sections to expand and shatter, releasing the seven Quntaino. Since his birth from his Keystone egg, Daigolva has aided his six brothers in attempting to locate the Mask of Nature. In doing so, he also used his powers to convince Mount Juvala to erupt.

The Balance RebornEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Daigolva is used for berserker attacks and close combat among the team. Daigolva possesses reptilian characteristics such as thick, armored scales, the ability to regenerate any lost clawed fingers or toes, cold blood, and glassy, crocodilian eyes; the third of which cannot see but is used to sense the sun’s position.


Daigolva is a master duelist with his giant scimitar swords. He wears a bandoleer to carry his swords when not in use.