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"As it was, a reclusive Holy Order called the Sisterhood of Het-hert had sent the signal from this place; for the entire Matoran population, which was small at the time, was being overrun by a new, evil, sentient faction -- the Betshu."
Atemu, The Balance Reborn
Holy Order of the Sisterhood of Het-hert

Headquarters Great Philæ Temple
Leader(s) Uatchet (Locally)
Status Active
Goal Guarding A Secret
Allies Av-Matoran Guard,
Toa Sāh, Toa Neţeru,
Toa Sepţiu, Toa Terra
Enemies Beţshu
Pronunciation HOH-lee OHR-dehr UHV THUH SIS-tehr-hood UHV HEHT-HEHRT

The Holy Order of the Sisterhood of Het-hert is a secretive society of pious females who founded an abbey at Philæ on the Isle of Kemet Nui in the time before time.


Sometime around the Great Time Slip, members of the Sisterhood on the Isle of Kemet Nui sent out a distress signal in response to an overwhelming Beţshu invasion. Their cries for help were answered by the Toa Sāh.

The Coming of the Neţeru

The Treatise of Åuset and Åusår

The Balance Reborn

Known Members