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Turaga Inami
Turaga Sāh
Mask Medium Blue Noble Kanohi Ruru, Mask of Night Vision
Tools Precipitation Sceptre
Status Alive
Location Unknown
Pronunciation ee-NAH-mee

Toa Sāh
Title Toa Sāh of Water
Mask Dark Blue Great Kanohi Ruru, Mask of Night Vision
Tools Unknown

Matoran Inami
Class Ga-Matoran
Occupation Teacher
Mask Powerless Trans-Dark Blue Noble Kanohi Ruru, Mask of Night Vision

Inåmi is believed to be a Turaga of Water.


Metru Nui

Inåmi was once a Ga-Matoran on the Isle of Metru Nui. She was summoned to the Great Temple, along with nine other Matoran, and was transformed into the Toa Sāh of Water.


Toa Inåmi chose to go her own way following Āpep's defeat.

It is rumored that she relinquished her Toa Power and transformed into a Turaga form at some point, although her current whereabouts are unknown. There is however no indication that she has passed on.

Abilities & Traits

Inåmi was once the swift and thoughtful Toa Sāh of Water. Her exceptional grasp of this Elemental Power granted her the ability to manipulate bodies of standing water and the moisture in the atmosphere to create bursts of water. She could also form objects out of water, in addition to being able to draw water from the atmosphere and absorb all forms of Liquid Protodermis. Furthermore, it goes without saying that Inåmi was an exceptional swimmer, with enhanced lung capacity and substantial underwater agility.

Mask & Tools

Inåmi's abilities were enriched by her Kanohi Ruru, the Great Mask of Night Vision, which granted her the ability to see clearly in any level of darkness such as those within the depths of the oceans. It also allowed her to cast a beam of light that could either permit both she and those nearby to see in lowlight situations, or blind her enemies with its' glow. An intensification of this light could even allow her to see a short distance into solid objects.

As a Turaga Sāh, Inåmi likely carries a Precipitation Sceptre as her Badge of Office and wears the Kanohi Ruru, the Noble Mask of Night Vision, which allows her to see clearly in any level of darkness.