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This article is about the Dome. You may be looking for the Island.

Kemet Nui

Dome of Kemet Nui
Location Info
Residents Matoran, Toa, Various Rahi, Beţshu
Population 4,000+
Position South-Southeast of
Ouir Nui,

Northwest of the
Southern Continent

Pronunciation KUH-meht NOO-ee

The Dome of Kemet Nui is strategically located in the center of the Midwestern Islands and near the convergence of the major trade routes between all the various corners of the Matoran Universe.


The dome houses several known landmasses, which include but are not limited to, the Isle of Kemet Nui, the Isle of Kush Nui, the Isle of Punt Nui, the Peninsula of Byblos Nui, and the Peninsula of Kazbåh Nui.