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This article is about the Island. You may be looking for the Dome.
"Matoran from a great many distant lands
ventured vast and dangerous seas to reach the isle and live in serenity.
Atemu, The Annals of Kemet Nui
Kemet Nui

Kemet Nui
Location Info
Residents Matoran, Toa, Turaga, Various Rahi, Sebåu
Population 1,000+
Position North-Central Kemet Nui
Pronunciation KUH-meht NOO-ee

The Isle of Kemet Nui is the primary landmass located within the dome that bears the same name.



The island is dominated by a vast desert landscape and thus has only one primary population center, Tai-Koro, meanwhile a much smaller secondary population center, simply called Manu, is located west-southwest of Tai-Koro and houses mostly mineworkers. The two villages are connected via the Re-stau.

Other prominent landmarks on the Isle of Kemet Nui include the Cliffs of Manu, the Dåhklå Oasis, Denderah Rock, the Faråfa Dunes, the River Hāpi, the Sekhem Plains, and the Ta-she Lowlands.


  • The Sebåu are the main residents of Kemet Nui; however, they are troglodytes, and thus are infrequently seen on the surface of the island.
  • A number of Matoran.
  • Several species of Rahi.