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"Why hello, Aso! Happy to see me? Or more surprised? Either way, you're going down."
— Khepera, The Balance Reborn

Turaga Khepera
Turaga Sāh
Mask Orange Noble Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control
Tools Hive Hammer
Status Deceased
Pronunciation kep-RAH

Toa Sāh
Title Toa Sāh of Insects
Mask Orange Great Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control
Tools Swarm Sabre

Matoran Khepera
Class Pe-Matoran
Occupation Sentry
Mask Powerless Orange Noble Kanohi Komau, Mask of Mind Control

Kheperå was a Turaga of Insects on the Isle of Punt Nui.


Tiuarga Nui

Kheperå was once a Pe-Matoran Guardsman of the Tiua Stronghold on the southern country of the Isle of Tiuarga Nui. He was summoned to the Island City of Metru Nui, along with nine other Matoran.

Metru Nui

Kheperå was transformed into the Toa Sāh of Insects at the Great Temple.


Toa Kheperå had been on special assignment on Punt Nui at the time of Āpep's defeat and chose to remain there when the team parted ways.

The Coming of the Neţeru

Over time Kheperå became the respected and beloved leader of Pe-Koro on the Isle of Punt Nui. However, the "Village of Insects", named in his honor, was utterly destroyed when the island fractured into three parts during the Great Cataclysm. Most of the Matoran population, including Kheperå, was swept away by a resulting tsunami and were all presumed dead.

The Balance Reborn

Abilities & Traits

Kheperå was once the scrappy and loyal Toa Sāh of Insects.

Mask & Tools

As a Turaga Sāh, Kheperå carried a Hive Hammer as his Badge of Office and wore the Kanohi Komau, Noble Mask of Mind Control, which allowed him to see into the mind of another lesser-minded individuals and briefly control them, as well as deliver mental blasts. However, because the mask only worked on minds, it was useless against automatons and some types of Rahi.