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Sharaku Kyraikk
Powers Earth, Stone
Tools Double-Headed Axe,
Mace and Chain
Status Deceased
Pronunciation kigh-RAY-ihk

Class Po-Torika
Occupation Unknown
Powers Stone

Kyraikk was the strongest Sharaku on the team, but he was also the shortest. As a result, Kyraikk bore the unflattering nickname of "Torika" from his teammates.


Kyraikk was discovered by "The Dark Lord" to have powerful abilities as a Torika while still on the Isle of Shakaz and was thus transformed into a Sharaku as a result.

The Power WithinEdit

In the year 5,400 A.G.C., Kyraikk traveled to Terra Nui along with his master, six other Sharaku, and six Torika, including his servant, Kavan.

Kyraikk met his end in the throne room of the Sharaku Stronghold when Vrael defeated him during the Battle of Terra Nui.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Despite his short size, Kyraikk had been a diabolical slave driver on Shakaz and could be incredibly threatening in a pinch. This trait made him valuable in torturing and interrogating unwilling captives. Kyraikk's best friend was Ruhktar, however unlike his powerless companion, he had limited control over both earth and stone.


Kyraikk's preferred weapons were a double-headed axe and a mace and chain.



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