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This article is about the Matoran who became a Toa Neţeru. You may be looking for the Matoran who became a Toa Sepţiu.


Toa Nebt-Het
Toa Neţeru
Title Toa Neţeru of Power Scream
Mask Lavender Great Kanohi Arthron, Mask of Sonar
Tools Clarion Claws, Wings
Status Alive
Location Kemet Nui
Pronunciation NEHBT-heht

Matoran Nebt-Het
Class Um-Matoran
Occupation Miner/Occupational Safety
Mask Powerless Lavender Great Kanohi Arthron, Mask of Sonar

Nebt-het was once a diminutive Matoran of Power Scream who worked as a miner in the Re-stau on the Isle of Kemet Nui. Her principal job involved ensuring occupational safety for the entire mining crew. She was extremely fast moving, with an exceptional sense of hearing, but a poor sense of sight. She had stunted wings and wielded wicked claws. A series of events thrust her into an unforeseen adventure that lead to her transformation into a Toa.


The Coming of the Neţeru

The Treatise of Åuset and Åusår

Dark Earth

In The Empire of Whenua Alternate Universe, the Um-Matoran Nebt-het was sadly killed by a mining disaster. Shortly thereafter on Naming Day, a De-Matoran named Neb-hut was given the name "Nebt-het", in the late Matoran's honor, for her part in helping to save the life of several Av-Matoran.

Abilities & Traits

Nebt-het is now the hard-working and easy-going Toa Neţeru of Power Scream. Her successful understanding of this Elemental Power provides her with the ability to discharge a perpetual high-frequency supersonic tone that sets nerves on edge, as well as short bursts of high-pitched sound that can cause crippling headaches. She can create amplified screams, which can deafen and disorient all other creatures in the surrounding area for short periods of time. Or she can produce power screams that result in loss of consciousness for all unprepared creatures over a several kio area. These power screams are strong enough to physically knock an opponent back, can be heard across the entire island, and can even shatter stone. Though she's the smallest in stature, she makes use of her strong voice and has assumed the role of group peacemaker, in part to spare her hypersensitive ears from excessive contention.

Mask & Tools

Nebt-het's abilities are augmented by her Kanohi Arthron, the Great Mask of Sonar, which allows her to sense objects through echolocation and thus overcome her poor sense of sight. In fact, she is so in tune with the various sounds she emits that she can determine the size, location, density and movement of an object even that of invisible or cloaked individuals. Nebt-het also has a set of wings that give her the capacity for powered flight, as well as twin sets of fearsome claws, perfect for in-flight combat.