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Sapient Species
Powers Rahi-like Attributes & Control
Location(s) Terra Nui
Status Deceased
Pronunciation KOON-tigh-noh

The Quntaino are seven mysterious creatures that are believed to be unique to Terra Nui.


The Quntaino were born from the Terra Nui Keystones and the Ota-Suva shrine atop Mount Tongaru, who afterward ran rampant on Terra Nui in search of the Mask of Nature.

The Strength UnboundEdit

The Balance RebornEdit

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Each Quntaino shared Rahi-like attributes and possessed abilities to control various Rahi and other natural phenomena. The Quntaino slowly evolved in skill and power, which made their mysterious operations all the more dangerous. When they first emerged from their keystones, they spoke only in incoherent screams, but after several days of living in the wilds of the Johmai Jungle they had progressed to speaking simple Rahi languages. By the time the Terra Nui Sharaku had been transformed, they were using Visorak speech, and by the time they attacked Terra-Koro they had fully learned how to speak the most advanced tongue on the island, that of the Matoran.


Most of the Quntaino carried no weapons, instead relying on their natural attributes such as claws, teeth, and brute strength to overwhelm foes. However, Snimurai had an Energy Cannon attached to his left hand to supplement his claws, while Daigolva carried a pair of swords carved out of Magraka armor. Argentaros had a glaive strapped to his left arm and carried a bizarre whiplike creature as a symbol of rank.

Social Structure & InteractionsEdit

The Quntaino could speak in various Rahi languages, as well other interactions with Rahi, which became more and more complex as time goes by. They learned how to fight from observing Rahi live out their day-to-day lives, and honed their skills of mind control by practicing on weaker intellects. The six subordinate Quntaino never learned to speak Matoran as eloquently as their leader Argentaros.

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