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Sharaku Ruhktar
Tools Giant War Club, Blaster
Status Deceased
Pronunciation ROOHK-tahr

Class Onu-Torika
Occupation Unknown

Ruhktar wasn't the brightest Sharaku on the team, but he was none-the-less a feared fighter.


Ruhktar was discovered by "The Dark Lord" to have powerful attributes as a Torika while still on the Isle of Shakaz and was thus transformed into a Sharaku as a result. His lack of abilities, though disappointing to his master, were negligible compared to his huge strength.

Nothing PersonalEdit

The Power WithinEdit

In the year 5,400 A.G.C., Ruhktar traveled to Terra Nui along with his master, six other Sharaku, and six Torika, including his servant, Rieka.

Ruhktar met his end in the throne room of the Sharaku Stronghold when Chompshi defeated him during the Battle of Terra Nui.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

Ruhktar tried to help with devising strategy, however he was most often used simply for brute work and brawn instead, and was typically the one stuck forging the other Sharaku's melee weapons. He had no powers, much to his shame and the disappointment of "The Dark Lord".


Ruhktar's preferred weapon was a giant war club, and he carried a gun only as the result of constant nagging on the part of Argarak.



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