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Sapient Species
Powers Speed
Location(s) Kemet Nui
Status Mostly Dormant
Pronunciation say-MEE-oo

The Sāmiu are a particular breed of Sebåu characterized by enhanced speed and aggression.


These troglodyte members of the Beţshu are distinguished from their brethren by a unique pigmentation.

The Treatise of Åuset and ÅusårEdit

Escape | The Light in the ShadowsEdit

The Balance RebornEdit


They were found primarily beneath the Isle of Kemet Nui, although on very rare occasions a few had also been sighted elsewhere.

There was a time when the various different breeds of Sebåu, including the Sāmiu, were commonly raised in massive egg hatcheries, found within enormous caverns, deep beneath the Ta-she Lowlands on the Isle of Kemet Nui, however no Matoran has seen a single Sebåu in the relatively peaceful millennia that have followed the Fall of Āpep, at least none that lived to tell about it.

Abilities & TraitsEdit


The claws of a Sāmiu are far more developed than the typical Sebåu and thus most choose to avoid the use of other weapons, believing them to be cumbersome and therefore only slow them down. In an evolutionary trade-off, the stubby wings that are typical of their brethren, are non-existent in the Sāmiu, making them remarkably feral, often choosing to fight alone against entire armies rather than be backed into a corner.

Social Structure & InteractionsEdit