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Sapient Species
Powers Strength
Location(s) Kemet Nui
Status Mostly Dormant
Pronunciation seh-BAH-oo

The Sebåu are a primitive species of sentient insurgents that are not as highly evolved as the Matoran.


These mischievous troglodyte members of the Beţshu are bred for their strength and loyalty.

The Treatise of Åuset and ÅusårEdit

Escape | The Light in the ShadowsEdit

The Balance RebornEdit


They were found primarily beneath the Isle of Kemet Nui, although on very rare occasions a few had also been sighted elsewhere.

There was a time when the various different breeds of Sebåu, including the Sāmiu and Nåk, were commonly raised in massive egg hatcheries, found within enormous caverns, deep beneath the Ta-she Lowlands on the Isle of Kemet Nui, however no Matoran has seen a single Sebåu in the relatively peaceful millennia that have followed the Fall of Āpep, at least none that lived to tell about it.

Abilities & TraitsEdit

The average Sebåu tend to have short attention spans and due to their ample primal instincts they are generally less organized, somewhat less refined, and essentially more easily "spooked" on the battlefield than the averge Matoran would be. Yet, under proper leadership - be it from one or more particularly advanced Sebåu, a lone Nåk, or some other more-highly-evolved being that chooses to side with the Beţshu, such as an Acolyte - the Sebåu can become a very formidable enemy as a result of their overwhelming numbers and blind allegiance.


Sebåu are capable of acquiring and maintaining their own weaponry, though many prefer a simple chain if anything at all. Their stubby wings allow them to insufficiently glide in the air and thus make jumps and leaps that a Matoran cannot, furthermore they have wicked, needle-like claws that aid in near-range combat.

Social Structure & InteractionsEdit