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"[...] the hamlet that sat on the western bank of the River Hāpi [...]"
— Narrator, Fractured

Location Info
Residents Matoran, Toa, Various Rahi
Population ~500 Matoran
Position Central Kemet Nui
Pronunciation TIGH-KOAR-oh

Tai-Koro, once a Het-hert outpost known simply as "Philæ", is the primary population center on the Isle of Kemet Nui.


This "Village of Plasma" was renamed as such in honor of Atemu after the Fall of Āpep and is located on the western bank of the island's main water source, the River Hāpi. It is home to many different types of Matoran and a plethora of shops all surrounding the dominate architectural feature that is the Great Philæ Temple.

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