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Toa Neţeru

Toa Team
Headquarters Isle of Kemet Nui
Leader(s) Åusår, Åuset (Deputy)
Status Active
Goal Defend Kemet Nui
Allies Matoran, Turaga Sāh
Enemies Beţshu
Pronunciation TOH-uh neh-ZHEH-roo

The Toa Neţeru are a group of six heroes, who were once Matoran of various tribes, before being transformed into a Team of Toa during the absence of Turaga Sāh Atemu from the Isle of Kemet Nui.


The Coming of the Neţeru

The Treatise of Åuset and Åusår

Following their transformation the team was guided and trained by Atemu upon his return from the Isle of Terra Nui. As far as the Toa Neţeru can tell, there does not appear to be any impending threat to the Dome of Kemet Nui. Thus they have busied themselves resolving situations involving dangerous Rahi, serving as mediators to settle minor disputes between Matoran, and other circumstances deemed necessary of their attention.


Name/Title Kanohi Tools
Ånpu, Toa of Health Mahiki, Great Mask of Illusion None
Åusår, Toa of Rahi Zatth, Great Mask of Summoning , Kepesh
Åuset, Toa of Jungle Rode, Great Mask of Truth Dagger, Spear of Conviction
Heru, Toa of Density Huna, Great Mask of Concealment Lance, Chain, Solidity Spadroon
Nebt-het, Toa of Power Scream Arthron, Great Mask of Sonar Clarion Claws, Wings
Sutekh, Toa of Weather Hau, Great Mask of Shielding Tekhtekh, Wrist Blades, Pernicious Partisan