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"These ten brave Toa Sāh - Akito, Kheperå, Metu, Cyhuku, Orāni, Inåmi, Ukhikh, Pelekuā, Ferohn, and myself - challenged our sworn enemy, the Scourge of Kemet Nui, Āpep. And we were victorious!"
Atemu, The Annals of Kemet Nui
Toa Sāh

Toa Sah
Toa Team
Headquarters Metru Nui
Leader(s) Atemu, Akito (Deputy)
Status Disbanded
Goal Liberate Kemet Nui
Allies Aso (Formerly),
Holy Order of the Sisterhood of Het-hert, Matoran, Turaga
Enemies Āpep, Aso, Beţshu
Pronunciation TOH-uh SAY

The Toa Sāh were a group of ten heroes that called the Island City of Metru Nui home during the time before time. Little is known of the team's history prior to the Great Time Slip when they suddenly arrived on the Isle of Kemet Nui in response to a distress call from the Holy Order of the Sisterhood of Het-hert.


Shortly thereafter the Toa Sāh encountered the Beţshu and after a protracted conflict, lasting more than 10,000 years, these Beţshu, led by a being known only as Āpep, were finally believed to have been defeated by the Toa.


Turaga Sah

Eight of the nine Turaga Sāh.

The team then disbanded and chose to go their separate ways. Over the years many of them have since transformed into Turaga Sāh.

Turaga Sāh

The Annals of Kemet Nui

The Coming of the Neţeru
The Treatise of Åuset and Åusar

The Journal of Vrail

The Light in the Shadows

The Power Within

The Strength Unbound

The Balance Reborn

Former Members

Name/Title Kanohi Tools
Akito, Toa of Magma Zalmex, Great Mask of Intellect Fire Staff, Laser Crossbow
Atemu, Toa of Plasma Matatu, Great Mask of Telekinesis Superthermal Scythe
Cyhuku, Toa of Crystal Sonterah, Great Mask of Emulation Crystalline Claymore
Ferohn, Toa of Iron Huna, Great Mask of Concealment Iron Glaive
Inåmi, Toa of Water Ruru, Great Mask of Night Vision Unknown
Kheperå, Toa of Insects Komau, Great Mask of Mind Control Swarm Sabre
Metu, Toa of Poison Kualsi, Great Mask of Quick Travel Venom Talons
Orāni, Toa of Lightning Kiril, Great Mask of Regeneration Unknown
Pelekuā, Toa of Rahi Kaukau, Great Mask of Water Breathing Unknown
Ukhikh, Toa of Jungle Kakama, Great Mask of Speed Pole Hammer