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Toa Zahaku
Toa Ceronox
Title Toa Ceronox of Rahi
Mask Black & Dark Red Great Kanohi Faxon, Mask of Kindred
Tools Energy Shotgun,
Razor Sword
Status Alive
Location Ceronox Nui
Pronunciation zah-HAH-koo

Matoran Zahaku
Class Kur-Matoran
Occupation Rahi Trainer
Mask Powerless Black & Dark Red Great Kanohi Faxon, Mask of Kindred

Zåhåku is the Toa Ceronox of Rahi.


Zåhåku was once a Kur-Matoran and the co-owner of a business called The Rahi Stop, located on the western edge of Tai-Koro on the Isle of Kemet Nui, along with his partner Kohilå. Zåhåku was an exceptional Rahi trainer who attempted to better Matoran/Rahi relations on the island and he often carried a small whip to help demonstrate his techniques.

The Treatise of Åuset and Åusår

The Light in the Shadows | Escape

Zåhåku was one of the many Matoran who was in Tai-Koro during its' invasion. He ran towards the River Hāpi in search of Kohilå and later rescued his partner from a Sāmiu.


Zåhåku heavily armed.

Abilities & Traits

Zåhåku is now the Toa Ceronox of Rahi. His exceptional grasp of this Elemental Power grants him absolute control over any and all living Rahi in the surrounding area. Among other things he can reflexively placate Rahi to hinder an attack, drive Rahi into a savage frenzy, or lull Rahi to sleep through sheer force of will.

Mask & Tools

Zåhåku's abilities are augmented by his Kanohi Faxon, the Great Mask of Kindred, which allows him to mimic the powers of Rahi that share his general environment. He also had access to various other masks, including a Huna. He also wields a Razor Sword with devastating efficiency and a Type 3 Energy Shotgun although how he aquired this weapon is currently unknown.