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Sharaku Zakarath
Powers Darkness, Shadow, Teleportation
Tools Short Sword, Triple Knife
Status Deceased
Pronunciation ZACK-uh-rath

Class Uri-Torika
Occupation Unknown
Powers Darkness

Zakarath was the leader of the Sharaku on the team.


"The Dark Lord" discovered Zakarath to have powerful abilities as a Torika while still on the Isle of Shakaz and he was thus transformed into a Sharaku. He was the only Sharaku on the team to not be assigned a Torika slave, as he considered them weak and useless.

Nothing Personal

The Power Within

Zakarath arrived on Terra Nui in the year 5,400 A.G.C with the rest of the team during the night of a fierce tropical storm. Upon their arrival, he oversaw the construction of the Sharaku Stronghold alongside his master. A few days into the Sharaku occupation of Terra Nui, he encountered Toa Vrael, who had broken into the control room of the fortress. Zakarath created a portal into the Zone of Darkness and teleported Vrael to a place high above the Johmai Jungle, where the Toa fell to the forest floor and sustained grievous injuries. For the next several weeks, Zakarath merely patrolled the stronghold, although the sabotage that the Torika slaves inflicted continued to escape his notice.

Then, one day prior to the Battle of Terra Nui, Zakarath and "The Dark Lord" issued instructions to the Drone Army, ordering them to attack, however, an approaching bomb destroyed almost one-third of the army, despite the shadow shields Zakarath had summoned to protect them. Afterward, he disappeared into the fortress until near the end of the battle, when Hakeahu, wearing the Mask of Nature, cut his way into the control room and challenged Zakarath to a duel. Although Hakeahu was skilled, Zakarath overwhelmed him and was on the verge of victory when the Titan used the Zlinj to summon the Collosorahk Shredder, who swallowed them both. Shredder's attack had weakened the Coastal Shelf sufficiently to cause it to collapse, dragging the entire Stronghold into the sea, never to be seen from again.

Abilities & Traits

Zakarath was cruel and sadistic with immense powers of darkness and shadow, although at his heart he was a coward. He could access the "Zone of Darkness", vanish into the shadows in any setting, and manipulate the Zone into other forms of attack. A great military strategist, Zakarath was the greatest in power of his team, perhaps even surpassing "The Dark Lord" himself.


Zakarath's preferred weapons were a short sword and triple knife, although he preferred to orchestrate battles from the sidelines rather than fighting. Regarless, Zakarath did in fact participate in many battles as well.



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